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Prema Info Data System

Prema Info system involves accumulation, holding and information representation.  It includes all company’s information

systems, data-processing network and telephony.

It is a business oriented social network integrated into main company activity.

Documents are processed by using algorithms that are Know How approach. Using such unique algorithms we will create, coordinate, keep and find any documents that are related to company activity to achieve the best results.


Social business network covers:

  • Input and saving the copies of all company’s documents (administrative orders, agreements, arrangements and etc.) to control the documents’ validity date and deadlines. Interpreting the economical characteristics of documents into 3D model for further analysis and finding solutions.
  • Intuitive interface of financial documents control system integrated into “1Caccounting” including “Cash Desk” is the unique business process which provides transparent funds movements. The coordination of expenses, terms and purposes by electronic means and further signing and encrypting the request and supporting document (if necessary).
  • Support system and coordination of inner business process.
  • General and individual calendar of important events as far as concerned the company operations as well as the tasks under control.
  • Through our Know How the system monitors and indicates the supposed data gap or assets, so that the company’s management team could answer in due time.                                                                                                  
  • Personal information and documents copies (passport, ID, certificates) to be available every time.